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5 Questions to Ask Your Pulmonary Doctor

If, after conducting tests, your primary care doctor implies that you may have a problem with your breathing or lungs, there are some ailments that could be troubling you, including Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Your doctor might refer you to a pulmonary doctor, or a pulmonologist, a doctor with a focus on lung disorders. You can also find a pulmonary doctor on your own, by searching based on location. If you live in Flemington, for example, you can search for good pulmonary doctors in Flemington, NJ.

Before your first appointment, you have to prepare yourself for the meeting with your pulmonary doctor. First, you should jot down all the symptoms you’ve faced, what you’ve done to suppress or make those symptoms worse, make a list of all the medications you’re on, and find out from your family members if they’ve experienced symptoms like yours or if they have any form of lung disease. Your doctor will need this information, and you should be ready to answer his questions.

Your pulmonary doctor should not be the only one with questions. You should prepare a list of questions to ask about your condition. If you equip yourself with an arsenal of questions, the replies you get will make you more prepared to deal with your diagnosis.
Here are some questions you should ask your pulmonary doctor in the course of your visit.

1. What is My Diagnosis?

After your pulmonary doctor might have carried out his tests, ask him what your diagnosis is. Some people might not have to ask because they would be told immediately, but it’s still important to ask. After knowing what your diagnosis is, ask if there is a fitting level of physical activity associated with your diagnosis. Depending on the graveness of your diagnosis, you might need to start a new diet or workout routine.

2. What Tests Will You Be Running?

When you know the tests he will be running; you will understand why they are important and the benefits they offer to your condition and your body in general.

3. What More Can You Tell Me About My Symptoms?

After you’ve told your pulmonary doctor about your symptoms, ask him about what is causing or making them worse. This way, you know what to stay away from. Apart from that, you should ask if he has any medication to give you to manage these symptoms. If he does, ask him to explain the usage and possible side effects.

4. How Can I Manage My Condition?

This is very important because if you are ignorant about how to manage your condition, it could turn out to be fatal for you. Ask your pulmonary doctor what habits and activities to avoid. You should also ask about the frequency of future screenings. Knowing when and when to show up for follow-up visits and checkups will help keep your condition under control.

5. Any Further Restrictions?

This is another vital question. You should also ask if your ailment would restrict you from partaking in some of your usual activities. Your current workout routines might be too hectic and might aggravate your condition. Some foods you’re eating might also be worsening your condition. Know what the restrictions are, and live within limits.

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