What to Expect when Seeing a Pulmonologist?

If you are suffering from a health issue/issues with your respiratory system, you need to visit a qualified and reputable pulmonologist. This is necessary because even if you have just a small issue with your breathing, medical attention and care is necessary for your overall body health. Regardless of the pulmonary problem you have, a pulmonologist has the ability to apply the right methods to offer you the right solution. A good pulmonologist understands that good health start with you. Thus, they demonstrate great respect to you and ensure that you are fully involved in your pulmonary care.

Here are other things to expect when seeing a pulmonologist.


When you visit a pulmonologist, the first thing you should expect is diagnosis of your problem. This is necessary because there are different conditions that affect the respiratory system. It is only by carrying out a thorough evaluation they are able to determine the specific issue you have. By giving the specific symptoms, the physicians have the right knowledge and skills to determine the specific issue you have. Some of the common symptoms include difficulty breathing, breath shortness, coughing, chest pain among others.

After the pulmonologist understands all the symptoms you have, they might decide it is necessary to have an x-ray that will help correctly diagnosis your problem. They can also decide to carry out other tests that help determine the actual problem with your pulmonary system. During the evaluation process, expect that the pulmonologist will ask questions regarding your family history because there are some pulmonary issues that are hereditary.

Treatment process

After the pulmonologist has understood all the symptoms you have and done the right tests, they will identify the pulmonary condition you are suffering. The results of the diagnosis and evaluation acts as the basis they use to offer the right treatment. Depending on the type and extent of the condition, you will receive different types of treatment services. Here are the treatments you should expect depending on your specific problem.

Pulmonary medicine treatment

If a pulmonologist finds you have disorders and diseases affecting your respiratory system including the lungs, you will receive pulmonary medicine. Some of these disorders and diseases include pneumonia, asthma, sleep disorders, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and sarcoidosis. In addition, if you have a pulmonary disease related to occupational and environmental hazards. It includes silicosis, farmer’s lung, hot tub lung, asbestosis and others, this is also the right treatment for you.

Sleep medications

Sleep apnea is a common problem among many people. This is a problem that leads to breathing problems as you sleep. Other conditions that lead to sleep disturbances or disorders include restless leg syndrome, REM behavior disorders, insomnia, parasomnias and periodic limb movement disorders. The above problems have negative effects to your cardiovascular system and your overall health. If you are suffering from any of these problems, your pulmonologist will offer sleep medicine treatment.

Critical care treatment

If your pulmonary or lung health condition is critical, your pulmonologist will recommend you be taken to an intensive care unit. Some of the conditions that call for you to be taken to an intensive care unit include shock, respiratory system failure and sepsis. With such conditions, complex equipment including mechanical ventilators and other monitoring equipment are needed to support your treatment. With such equipment, your pulmonologist will be able to monitor and stabilize your normal body working including your levels of oxygen, blood pressure and breathing.

What to expect during the treatment process

Your pulmonologist will provide personalised treatment according to your specific condition and situation. This is because every patient with pulmonary or lung health condition is unique and so should be the treatment provided. There might be further consultation with other physicians.

Bottom line

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