A pulmonary specialist is a doctor that specializes in respiratory conditions. The doctor will take care of any issues you have, from your windpipe to your lungs. In case your physician finds that you have breathing issues or a condition with your lungs, they will refer you to a pulmonary specialist.

The specialist will prescribe medication and advise you on how you can live with the condition. When you have a pulmonary disorder, you will need to change some things to manage it successfully. Therefore, the doctor must discover it early enough.

You should see a pulmonary specialist when you have the following conditions:

When to see a pulmonary specialist




This is one of the most common conditions that a pulmonary specialist deal with. If you have symptoms that may seem like the flu, you will need to see a specialist, especially if they keep recurring. Asthma usually comes with symptoms like shortness of breath and other that may affect your breathing.

 It would be best if you got yourself checked to take better care of yourself and the triggers. This condition can affect children and adults too, and it is crucial to ensure that you visit the doctor early. The doctor will recognize any triggers so that you can minimize any attacks in the future.

Chronic Cough

A cough can be simple and easy to treat, but a cough might mean that you have other conditions in some cases. If you notice that you have a cough that will not go away even after several treatments, it might be time to see a specialist. A pulmonary specialist will be able to find out if there any other underlying conditions. If you are coughing out blood, you should also see the specialist immediately.

A normal cough should last for weeks, so if you have been coughing for two or three weeks, you should see a specialist because it is a sign that there is an underlying condition. This is also important for kids because sometimes you might not notice early, and it will become difficult to cub once the condition is worse.

When to see a pulmonary specialist

Breathing difficulties

It is ok to feel out of breath after a tiring session in the gym or other physical activities. If you have difficulty breathing, you should see a pulmonary specialist even if you are not doing any action. It will be easier for them to find out if you have any other conditions early enough. If you notice any wheezing and other issue related to your breath, you must get help.


It is important to note that a pulmonary condition is manageable, especially if you catch it early. Your doctor will advise you on the best way to eat, exercise, and any other thing you need to do not to become worse. After you see the specialist, you should follow up closely with them and follow their instructions. This will help you to manage any condition that they find.